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Baby Face Portraits was born from the idea that every new parent deserves a photographic experience worthy of the magic of birth.



We specialize in serving hospitals as the exclusive provider of newborn portrait photography. To provide our customers the unique style that makes a Baby Face Portraits distinctly recognizable, Baby Face only hires professional, full-time experienced photographers possessing great skill and talent. As professionals, our photographers are sensitive to the special needs of the family and hospital. As artists, their ability to freely and creatively capture breath-taking imagery translates into documenting life-changing moments parents will cherish for a lifetime.



In addition to our in-hospital service, Baby Face Portraits offers portrait services to families through our Expressions of Home program. More and more families are inviting the professionals of Baby Face Portraits into the comfort of their home to capture important milestones with creative imagery.
Whether we are photographing your maternity session, your new baby's one and only birthday portrait in your hospital room or your family's first Christmas, our professional photographers are committed to bringing out the Baby Face in everyone by delivering beautiful portraits that last a lifetime.


our ownership

Jackie Kinsey, COO Jackie Kinsey, COO has over 30 years of experience in the retail photography business. She is no stranger to knowing her way around a camera room, hospital room or board room. Working for 20 plus years with a national photography services company, she held positions from studio photographer to VP. In 2002, Jackie took her experience to a startup newborn photography company and became their Director of Hospital Operations. Her years spent in operations and working with photographers taught her the valuable lesson that has become Baby Face Portrait's central core value; "It's all about the photographer and the photography. All the bells & whistles a company offers their customers cannot begin to substitute for the overall photographic experience and breath-taking imagery provided by a dedicated team of highly skilled professional photographers."
Larry Noyes, CEO Larry Noyes, CEO willingly admits he is not a photographer, and often can be heard saying that he would not even be able to get an interview for a Baby Face photographer position. Larry's inspiration for this business came with the birth of his first granddaughter where after looking at the pictures provided by the hospital's photo company he thought, "There has to be a better way to capture the magic of birth!" Through a series of fortunate events, Larry and Jackie began working on Baby Face Portraits. Having extensive sales and marketing experience in both the publishing arena, and HR consulting and services industry, Larry believes creating a unique photography experience for customers and excelling at customer service is the "Wow!" factor Baby Face delivers.